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Checklists - QR Code Generation and Scanning

Checklists can be configured such that an asset and/or project selection is required. 

i.e. - We are completed a Vehicle Prestart on Truck ABC 123, for a specific project. 

Telematics Guru can generate data to create QR Codes for a checklist. The QR code can be attached to an asset, and then if a user scans this QR code from within the TG app, the asset and project information can be pre-filled for them - to simplify the process for vehicle operators and ensure all data is captured correctly. Additionally this will take the user to the right checklist and linked documents.

Generating QR Codes

  • Go to the "Generate QR Code" tab on a checklist
  • Select the chosen asset type and click Generate
  • A CSV will be downloaded, example output below


#Checklist: Maintenance Checklist
#Organisation: Digital Matter - Australia
Asset NameQR Code Data
General for Maintenance ChecklisteyJjSWQiOj***************************
Battery TesteyJhSWQiOjQ************************************ 
G120 Temp MonitoreyJhSWQiOjQ************************************ 
James' Dev BolteyJhSWQiOjQ************************************ 

This generates code data per asset. 

From there, the CSV can be loaded into a service such as - QR codes printed, and attached to an asset. 

Scanning QR Codes

From the Checklists menu, the following icon appears,

Click the icon and the camera will open to scan a QR code. 

If successful, you will be taken to the right checklist, with the asset and project information pre-filled if applicable. 

If the QR code is invalid (i.e. it does not belong to a checklist within this organisation) - the scanning will fail, and you are returned to the checklist menu.

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