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Reset Device Statistics

Our battery powered devices provides various indicators like the battery low and battery critical flags, when the batteries are nearing their end of life. This gives the opportunity to get the batteries changed before they go flat.

In certain cases, even after having a battery change and the voltage getting back to normal - above the battery low threshold after a brownout, the flags may not clear.

Generally, this is due to the batteries being changed over very quickly and the device not having a chance to properly reset. For best results after removing batteries, wait around 15 seconds before inserting the next set to be 100% sure.

The latest versions of device firmware incorporates a "Reset Device Statistics" option  that will clear the low/critical battery flag. This can be accessed from Device Details > Reset Device Statistics.

For this option to work successfully, ensure

  • The device is on the FW which supports this feature. Please check the FW release notes for each devices for this information.
  • Allow a few update/heartbeats for the device to clear the flags after resetting the statistics.


Resetting the device statistics will also reset the battery percentage for devices with battery meter, regardless of reset was after a battery change or a UVLO.

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