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G120 - Configuring Pulse Counting

The G120 can be configured to count pulses on digital inputs - for example to monitor a meter.

There are 3 x Digital Inputs available for Pulse Counting. See G120 Harness Definition

To configure Pulse Counting

  1. You will need to add the relevant Digital Input under System Parameters on OEM server.
  2. Set "Function" to "Pulse Counter".
  3. Set the "Config1" field to an Analog input where the pulse counts will be written to.


  1. You have two debounce times to choose from - depending on what Analog Input you pick.
    1. Less than and equal to 10 = Debounce Time of 10 ms.
    2. More than 10 =Debounce Time of 20 ms.
  2. Some Analog inputs less than 10 are reserved and used for other functions.
    1. Ex. Analog input 4 = Cellular Signal Strength. See Default I/O Mappings [G120]
  3. Pulse Counts happen only on Rising Edges.
  4. The total count resets across a power on reset


In the example below, we have configured Digital Input 3 for Pusle counting.

Counts are sent to Analog 13. Analog 13 has a Debounce Time of 20 ms.

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