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Hawk - SDI-12 Probe + MLX90614 Temp Sensor Application Example

This article details the wiring and parameter setup for the connecting a Enviropro SDI-12 probe and MLX90614 IR Temperature sensor to the Hawk.

In this example:

  • a temperature reading is logged every 5 min from the MLX90614
  • an SDI-12 reading is logged every 60 min
  • batches of readings are uploaded every 60 min together

Further information:

Be sure to also take a look at:

I/O Card

Currently, the Ag-Tech-1 is the only plug in IO card with the SDI-12 and I²C interface. Install this card to the Hawk Board


SDI-12 probe


Please see the Hawk Baseboard + Plug in Cards - Wiring+Pin Out

Important connections are:

  1. Hawk IO 1 - connect to probe SDI-12 Line
  2. Hawk IO 2 - Connect to probe power
  3. GND - connect probe ground

Parameter Setup

  1. Add Task 1 and configure SDI-12 Action 1 as Task Action 1.

    Schedule period is 60 min, log and upload multipliers are set to 1 so we will log and upload the probe reading hourly. GPS is disabled for a stationary application to save power.

  2. Configure the readings from the SDI-12 Action 1 tab
    For example, SDI-12 address 0, 5s power on delay, measurements 0 and 2

  3. Configure V-Boost Level to 12V. Most SDI-12 sensors (including the Enviropro) operate on 12V.

MLX Temperature Sensor


VCCHawk IO 5
SCLHawk IO 6
SDAHawk IO 4

Parameter Setup


Set the Task 2 and configure the below.

This logs a reading every 5 minutes. Uploads are disabled - since these records will be uploaded as part of the Task 1 hourly upload - no need to include a specific upload - GPS is disabled.

In the I²C Action 1 tab, set the below for 1 second warm up time, and averaging over 5 x samples (samples are taken 50ms apart each reading).

The ambient temperature will be reported in Analogue 15, and Object Temperature in Analogue 16 with the below settings.

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