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Hawk - Digital Input Battery Life Effects

Hawk Technical Specifications can be found here -

There is 1 x Digital Input on the Hawk baseboard, with the below spec

  • Configurable pull up/pull down
  • 0-40V DC input range
  • On/Off thresholds
    • On >2V
    • Off <1 V
  • Can be used for pulse counting (max 40Hz)

The Digital Input can be used to monitor a switching input (i.e. door open/closed, pump on/off), or configured for pulse counting. 

When used as a switching input, in order to avoid higher sleep current draw, the input should not be left in the range 0.3V → 3.V.

When used for pulse counting - there will be additional battery drain caused by the count, dependant on the speed of pulses - when compared to a device which is sleeping.

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