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Zilch RFID reader setup

Custom TTL RFID reader integration. 


RFID Reader WireConnect to
Red - VCC/12V12V power.

It has been observed that the Purple Sys Rail out (~4.5V) on the Dart3 is able to power the reader.
To use this connect to Purple on Dart3, Pin3
Black - GNDDart3 GND
Green - TXDart3 Pin 4 - Green - RX
White - RXDart3 Pin 10 - Brown - TX

See DART3 12-wire Harness Definition


Tell the Dart3 to expect the Zilch reader.

The RFID reader will loudly beep when it is first powered on. If powering via the Purple Sys Rail out wire - set the below parameter. 

This will prevent this rail being powered down when the device sleeps - and avoiding beep when the Dart3 wakes up. 


DM Driver ID Data Type 1 (RFID) is used. 

This is a 5 byte field. Zilch cards use 4 bytes, so the top byte is padded. 


Say you have card 0x11223344 and you scan it.
Dart3 will read this and report as 0x0011223344

Adding a Driver to the List Example

See Managing Driver Lists from a 3rd Party Server. Drivers can be pushed down to the device via the OEM Web API. 

  • Card 0x0011223344
  • Base64 encoded  ABEiM0Q=
  • See OEM Web API doc for full details - drivers are sent to device via this structure
  • Once sent we can check we passed drivers correctly via Get Drivers

  • We see the driver in the list

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