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Configure DS18B20 Temp Probe with Hawk

The Hawk Ag-Tech1 plug in I/O card has a 1-wire interface. This can be used to read a DS18B20 temperature sensor. 

DS18B20 Details


The relevant I/Os for the DS18B20 - using the Ag-Tech1 plug-in board on the Hawk are

Hawk IOFunction
53V3 Output
81-Wire Input

Connections are as follows. While the DS18B20 uses the 1-wire interface to transmit the readings, it requires a couple more connections as the sensor needs to be powered. 

DS18B20 WireConnection
Power (red wire)Connect to Hawk IO 5 (3V3)
iButton Signal LineConnect to Hawk IO 8 (1-wire input)
GND (Black wire)Connect to GND

Some wiring diagrams may indicate a pull-up resistor is required between to pull the iButton signal line to 3V3. This is done interally on the I/O card and not necessary to fit.


Configure Task

Configure a task schedule, and select 1-Wire Action 1 as an action

Configure Sensor Analogue

  1. Add the 1-Wire Action 1 Tab
  2. Select DS18B20 as the Sensor Type
  3. Select the Analogue offset - in the below case the temp value will be logged to Analogue 10


With the above parameters, the output would be:

ValueAnalogueUnitsConversion Example
TemperatureAnalogue Offset Value°C * 16
160 = 10°C

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