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Third Party Device Support in Telematics Guru

Telematics Guru supports a number of 3rd party (non-DM) device types and BLE tags. While our range is extensive, there may be specific niche devices best served by a 3rd party device - or in some cases a user may wish to use an existing fleet of devices on TG.

Supported Device List

The current list of integrated devices in TG can be viewed by heading to the "Custom Device Names" page from within a partner home organization.

Device TypeNotes
  • See CalAmp Support (BETA)
  • Basic implementation of Calamp's LM Direct protocol
  • Certain message types and records can be interpreted by TG
DCT/Pegasus Device
Globalstar Devices:
  • SmartOne
  • SmartOne C
  • SmartOne Solar
Gen3 & Gen4
  • Battery powered, handheld personal satellite tracker. Typically used by hikers etc to allow for tracking and SOS alerts.
  • SPOT Devices (beta)
  • Data from Pivotel Gateway accepted
Teltonika Devices
  • Teltonika FM11XX
  • Codes 8, 8E and 16 are supported, check with Teltonika which code your specific device uses
  • Not all device types are tested. The FM1120, FMC130 and FMC125 DM have seen working - but test before committing to a large deployment
JDLink (John Deere)
Garmin Inreach SE+
  • Battery powered, handheld Iridium satellite communicator
  • Telematics Guru is able to display the position of the unit on the live view.
  • Integration in Progress

Supported BLE Tags

See Tags in Telematics Guru

Third Party Device API

TG has a 3rd Party Device API. If data is sent via HTTP POST, in the correct format, it will be accepted and processed by TG. This means partners can integrate essentially any device, by writing a service to reformat any received data into the 3rd Party API format.

Contact DM Support for Documentation.

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