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Set up a Connector - [Yabby3]

In OEM Server, we can create a 'connector' which allows you to send data to your endpoint. We can then set the connector on a device, and data from this device will be sent to the endpoint specified in the connector setup. There are TCP or HTTP options. For full details, see Choosing an Integration Strategy.
For integration documents (containing the payload information) - contact your branch's support team. 

Creating the Connector

In order to create connectors, and see the "Connectors" menu option, your OEM user account requires the Connection Manage permission. If you can't get to any of the steps shown, contact support and we can enable it.

  1. Navigate to "Connectors" 
  2. Create a New Connector
  3. Select TCP or HTTP depending on what integration strategy you have chosen
  4. Enter the URL or IP Address
  5. Ensure Distributor/Vendor/Client Group is correct
  6. Save
  7. Set the Connector on your device 

HTTPS Connector Options

There are a few more options for the HTTP connector

  • We can use basic authentication
  • We can add up to 5 headers that will be sent with the POST

Also check out this article - The HTTP/HTTPS Connector - which shows various dynamic fields we can make use of. For example, if we set the URL to[SERIAL] - the serial of the device that is connecting in will become part of the URL.

3rd Party Platform Integrations

See Integration with the Azure IoT Hub and Azure-IOT Hub Helper if you are an Azure user. 

Further Detail

For more information, check out this article - Create a Connector - set up an integration

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