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TG - Organisation Functionality

  • This article list all the functionalities available in TG and their uses.
  • Most functionality is enabled by default on a new partner account. 
  • New features/functionality is generally not automatically added to all organisations upon release. Please contact DM Support to enable functionality if you cannot view it.
  • Partners may wish to disable unused functionality on customer organisations in order to simplify the user interface - leaving only what is required for ease of use.

Users will need permissions enabled on the user account to be able to use certain functionalities.

Example in the case of the Live Tracking Functionality, and Live View User Permission. 

Organisation FunctionalityUser PermissionResult for this user
Live Tracking EnabledLive View EnabledThe user can see the live view in this org
Live Tracking EnabledLive View DisabledThe user can not see the live view in this org
Live Tracking DisabledLive View Enabled/DisabledNo users in this org will see the live view since it is disabled for the organisation. 

List of Functions

Alerts and NotificationsSee Alerts in TG
Enables the org to use email or SMS alert or notifications
The "Alerts" menu is visible
Asset HealthEnables Asset Health Tracking
Asset StateEnables Asset State Configuration
This is used to change the colour of the icons on the live view based on certain input combinations.
E.g. change to a specific colour if in Trip and digital input 1 = on
Business/Private TripsTrips can as business/private trips through the Manage Trips option or through the TG app.
TG App - Managing Trips and Logbooking
ChecklistsEnables Pre Start Checklists.
Destination DispatchEnables Destination Dispatching - which lets managers dispatch drivers to specific locations
Driver IDEnables the Drivers menu

The driver ID for a trip can be collected via
  • Driver ID reader (iButton/RFID/Wiegand and more)
  • A driver can be permanently assigned to an asset
  • Drivers can assigned manually to trips via the "Manage Trips" menu
Intra Trip Odometer Display on Trip HistoryShows the odometer value when hovering over a point on the Trip History Map View
Live TrackingEnables the Live Tracking View. Plots all assets from an org in the Map

Map OverlaysEnables Custom Map Overlays in TG
Overlays can be used to overlay mine site/farm overlay data - or provide more up to date aerial imagery (Google Maps can take years to update some locations)
Point HistoryEnables the Point History Map View

Assets configured as "Non Trip Based" appear on this map
ProjectsProjects can be used to group assets and geofences.
Typically, assets are assigned to projects, and user accounts can be given access to only view/manage a specific project or projects.
Extended functionality: Telematics Guru - Update Asset Project From Destination Geofences
Scheduled ReportsAllows to schedule reports on a daily, weekly, monthly or preferred day basis:
Schedule the Devices Not Connecting Report
Show Asset CoordinatesThe Lat/Long is displayed on the live view (web and app) if enabled
TagsEnables Tag Functionality - Tags in Telematics Guru

Time and AttendanceAllows to capture shift Log On/Log Off. Checklist can be used to capture time and attendance which is later approved by managers/supervisors for time sheets.
Time and Attendance in Telematics Guru
Trip CommentAllows to add trip comments either through the Manage trips option or through the TG app.
TG App - Managing Trips and Logbooking
Trip TypesAllows for Trip Types under manage trips.
(Deprecated feature)
Asset Daily CoverageShows a days worth of trips for an asset, multiple assets in a single map. Can be accessed from History → Asset Daily Coverage Map
Asset Location SharingEnables Asset Location Sharing
Share a temporary link to an asset.
BillingAllows Billing rates (km and hourly) to be set against assets

Then, if a trip list report is run, the the billable amount is calculated automatically
Cell Tower DataSome devices can be configured for Cell Tower Fallback
If this functionality is enabled the Cell Data is displayed in the telemetry view.
DepartmentsEnables Departments (to allow assets to be grouped)
Disallow None Trip TypesForces a trip type selection in Manage Trips
DuressAllows to create duress events and to signal duress on the live view based on events.
Alert on Live View/Signal Duress - Telematics Guru
Idle TimeEnables idle time calculations. Idle Monitoring - Dart3
IridiumAllows to capture iridium data for supported devices
G120 Iridium Set Up and Operation
Local SpeedAllows to see the speed of the road/street the asset is on. This requires the asset to be on TG-Pro billing plan.
Speed Monitoring in Telematics Guru
Multi Asset Location SharingAllows to share the live location of multiple assets.

Multi-Asset Location Sharing

Points of InterestAllows points to be added to the live view.
The asset closest to a particular point can be returned. Or point closest to an asset. For easy navigation and management.
Points of Interest and Distance Order Markers
Scheduled Maintenance ReportScheduled Maintenance Reminders (SMR)
Allows to create a maintenance schedule on a specific day, based on odometer/run hours or based on secondary run hours 
Secondary Run HoursAllows to capture secondary run hours for assets.
See Setting up Secondary Run Hours
Show Driver Name on Live TrackingShows currently assigned driver in the live view and trip history view
TelemetryEnables the telemetry view. This view is very useful for debugging - but may not be of any relevance to most users.
Time and Attendance Variable ShiftsAllows the shift start time to be adjusted - as vernigh= shifts may run 8pm -> 8am for example
Trip History ViewAllows to the trips an asset has done in a single day.
Telematics Guru - History Views

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