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Monitor a PTO/Fuel Pump [G120]

The G120 has 6 digital inputs represented by the following coloured pins in the 24-wire harness.

  • Digital Input 1: Pin 16 - Pink
  • Digital Input 2: Pin 17 - Blue
  • Digital Input 3: Pin 18 - Green/Black
  • Digital Input 4: Pin 19 - Brown
  • Digital Input 5: Pin 4 - Brown/Blue
  • Digital Input 6: Pin 5 - Violet/Red

These inputs can be used to monitor a secondary bit of equipment on an asset, i.e. sprayer, fuel pump, PTO. In most cases we wire and configure the input in the same way as our dedicated ignition input (the white wire in the harness). We consider the input 'ON' when there is a voltage present at the input (a high signal), and 'OFF' when there is no voltage.


Connect the G120 ground wire (any black wire) to ground on the asset, and the chosen digital input wire to the high side of the pump/PTO etc. G120 Harness Definition

The Digital Input is considered ON when above 2.4V and OFF when below 2.0V


The configuration would be:

  • Bias resistor set to 'pull down'
    • When not running, there is no voltage present on the input. It is held low.
  • The Active Level is set to high
    • When running, there is a high voltage signal at the input.
    • The digital input is considered on. 
  • If we want to know in real-time if we are on or off, we should set Upload on Active and Upload on Inactive = Yes.

Further Applications

Once we are tracking the status, we are able to enable further functionality.

Secondary Run Hours (TG)

We can track the hours that a Digital Input is active in Telematics Guru. See Setting up Secondary Run Hours.

Asset State Configuration (TG)
Depending on the state of the Digital Input, Telematics Guru can show the asset as a different colour in the Live View and Trip History View, i.e. spraying is occurring.  See Asset State Configuration
Configure Alerts and Run Reports (TG)
Events and Alerts may be used to setup reports on Telematics Guru. See guide here - Events vs Alerts
Input Monitor
Create alerts based on the status of multiple inputs -Input Monitor [G120]

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