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OEM Battery Low/Critical CSV Export


This is a new feature as of June 2022. All the currently low batteries will not show in this report at first. The report tracks the transition of the battery status, so will take some time for it to be reporting 100% accurately.

OEM has a reports tab where users can select the Battery Status report. This allows the user the ability to run a low battery report on command. To run the report the user would select the Reports tab and then select Battery Status (CSV).

For Telematics Guru users, there is an equivalent report which can be run and scheduled from within TG - Partner Battery Level Status Report


The user is required to have the 'Device Manager' permission enabled.

Battery Status Report

Devices that have had the battery good flag unset the last time they have committed data in OEM will appear on the report. The report details the product type, serial number, battery status (low or critical) along with the date since it has been in the particular status. 

Once the battery good flag is reset, i.e. fresh batteries added and the device has connected & committed in OEM, the report can be run once more and will update the list accordingly. 

What Does My Battery Status Mean?

There are two statuses that can be seen when the report is run and that is either Low or Critical.

  • Low
    • The battery has dipped below the battery good threshold (see links below for battery monitoring details for each device type).
    • The time to change the batteries will depend on multiple factors including reporting rate. It is always best to change the batteries sooner than later once this status is seen.
  • Critical
    • A brownout has occurred. The batteries will need to be changed as soon as possible!

The "Battery Voltage" grid in OEM is colour coded to indicate low and critical battery. A device with low battery will have the voltage text shown in red, and a device with critical battery will have the grid highlighted in red, as shown below. 

Viewing Individual Device Data

The status can be found for an individual device via the device details tab in OEM. 

Click on details (1) for the device you are interested in:


A new window will open with the device details tab. The battery status information, if low or critical, will be seen.

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