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Yabby Edge Cellular - Accelerometer Wakeup Thresholds

The Yabby Edge starts/ends trips based on accelerometer activity.  

Generally the defaults work well but we can adjust the accelerometer thresholds (intensity and duration of movement) required to wake the device or begin a trip. 

Accelerometer Settings

Default settings shown below. 

Wakeup Threshold and Wakeup Count determine what level of activity will wake the device before it will then start checking against other filtering before deciding if a trip should start. 

Alternate function allows the user to have High-G, Tip Detection or High-G + Tip Detection (requires FW v1.23+).

Wake Filter

By default, a wake filter is applied so that not a single, slight jolt will begin a trip. Some sustained movement is required.


  • Accelerometer wakes the unit
    • By default, a wake filter is applied. The filter only starts a trip when it has seen 1 second’s worth of above-threshold movement in a 4 second period, or repeated short movements over several 4 second periods. Disabling the filter results in any accelerometer movement above the Wakeup Threshold (in Accelerometer Settings section of System Parameters) waking the unit.
  • Unit immediately determines it is moving – this is the same as entering a trip.
  • Once moving, the accelerometer no longer wakes the unit
  • It wakes every two minutes on a timer, and does two things:
    • Asks the accelerometer if there was any movement in the last 2 minutes
    • If it is time to log a position, it does a scan and records it.
  • Once the accelerometer claims there has been no movement for a while, (default is 5 mins - Movement End Time parameter), the device declares movement has stopped.

Disabling the Wake Filter

The Wake Filter is a setting that 'filters' out the small movements noticed by the accelerometer so the device doesn't start a trip if it is bumped once. You can use this feature to track very small movements such as machinery operation, or vibrations. To disable the wake filter, it would be found in Movement Trips parameter tab and would need to set Disable Wake Filter to Yes.

Common Queries/Set Up

Below provides example set ups on different scenarios

Too many short trips going off
If you have a problem with  false trips you can attempt to increase the thresholds in the Accelerometer and Wake Filter settings. Increasing the thresholds may improve battery life by lowering the number of unnecessary wakeups, but it increases the chances of a trip start being missed.
These settings could help with the device reporting trips when the asset had moved a few inches, sensed vibrations and moved within a smaller range.
It is highly recommended you test different parameters to confirm what works best for your application and will sense trips when they are indeed in one.
If you setting these settings too high, the devices will filter movements aggressively and may not record trips when the asset is being transported.

Sensitive settings for theft, door opening, etc.

In the event you would like the device to be placed in a trip on the slightest movement, it can be set to jostle mode and disable the wake filter.

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