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Driver Fatigue Monitoring - G70

The G70 has the capability to buzz and/or set a digital output after a period of time in trip.  

How does this feature work?

  • When a trip starts, the warning and alert countdowns begin. 
  • These countdowns will continue until they elapse, the trip ends or idling is detected (optional)
  • When the warning countdown elapses, the warning buzzer will sound, and when the alert countdown elapses the alert buzzer will sound and any enabled digital outputs will be set.


Typically this is used for driver fatigue. The warning buzzer is used to alert the driver that they are nearing their maximum allowable driving time, and the alert buzzer is used to alert the driver that they have reached the maximum allowable time and must take a break as soon as possible. The output also aids in telling the driver that they must take a break soon, for example, it could be wired to a light as a reminder that they are required to take a break.

Resetting the timer/countdown

Since the countdown is based on trips, and begins when a trip starts.

It ends either when the trip ends, or idling is detected (configurable). The assumption being if idling is detected the driver has stopped for a break but left the ignition running while parked.

Digital Outputs on the G70

See G70 - Outputs
The G70 has 1 x Switched Ground Output (Green wire) to control a buzzer or light.

Setup on OEM Server:

Buzzer Parameters

See G70 - Connect an External Buzzer/LED. If we want to sound an external buzzer, we must configure the Switched Ground or System Rail outputs to be used to control a buzzer

Driver Fatigue Example

Behaviour shown above:

  • Once a trip starts, fatigue timer begins
  • Warning period - After 105 min (1hr 45)
    • 5x beeps are sounded - 1 second each beep (1s beep, 1s silence x 5)
  • Alert Period - After 135 min (2hrs 15 min)
    • 10 x beeps are sounded - 1 second each beep (1s beep, 1s silence x 10)

Reset Fatigue Timers when Idle

When set to No, the timer will only reset when the currently in progress trip ends. If we have a hard-wired ignition line - a trip remains in progress while this line is active. 

So if a driver drives for 2hrs, then parks up for 15 minutes, with the ignition running (many do so the air-con can run while they rest), this will not register as a break and reset the timer. 


  • Drivers must not driver for more than 2hrs 15 min continuously
  • They must take a 15 minute break at this time. (We want sitting stopped, but idling to count)

We would configure as in the above screenshot, but set Reset Fatigue Timers when Idle to YES

Then we must configure Idle Monitoring - G70

Fatigue Monitoring in Telematics Guru

Alerting on Fatigue Events

When the Fatigue Alert is active and threshold is met, the device will log a 'digital input changed' log reason - since devices are connected to the server constantly during a trip, it will connect and upload to TG. 

  1. Go to Alerts->New Alert (Advanced)
  2. Setup the alert as required: general, asset, notifications, advanced.
  3. In the conditions tab, specify “Use Digital Input”:
    1. Choose the digital input you have set in the driver fatigue tab within OEM. 
    2. Choose alert when I/O is Active

Running Reports

We can create an Event, and then map this alert to an event to be able to report on instances of driving without breaks.

Events vs Alerts

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