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External Power Removed Alerts - G70

The G70 uses a back up Li-Po batteries to provide power for a while after a power disconnect. This provides enough time for the device to send an alert immediately once it detects the external voltage has dipped below a certain level. So if the unit is tampered with or otherwise loses power, we will know quickly so that we can rectify. This is catered for in both hardware and firmware in these devices as part of the design, as these devices should be hard wired to power at all times so it is important for us to know about disconnects. 

Alerts in TG

By default, the Bolt2 will send an upload with the log reason "External Power Removed" if it is unplugged.

In TG you can monitor the "External Power Good Flag". This means just setting up the "External Power Removed" alert from the alert wizard. Getting Started - Alerts

Alerts in 3rd Party Software 

The External Power Good Flag can be monitored in your system. This is bit 2 of the status flags in the Digital input data field (Field ID 2).

We can additionally map this flag to a different digital input. This might be useful as some systems have already integrated alerts for Digital Inputs 0-10 for example, or we can map it to an input our other devices use.

Add the external power tab and choose the digital input to map the External Power Good Flag to.

This digital input is set to High (1) when External Power is present and unset (0) when External Power is disconnected.

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