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Yabby3 Release Notes

Parameter introduced to allow GPS fix on device heartbeat to be disabled.
Support for Modem Firmware Update to 1.3.3
v1.10 (Big update!)
SDK and Modem Library Updates
  • We can now reset the modem core separately from the application core to recover from modem faults. This allows for faster/better recovery when the modem freezes
  • Numerous fixes and improvements to networking sockets.
  • Allow updates to MFW 1.3.2 and support MFW 1.3.2 flash backup changes 
  • Added GPS TTFF vs accuracy prioritization
  • Fixed incorrect trip start time issue for GPS based trip tracking
  • Fixed modem restart/recovery procedure after a SIM boot failure
Modem freeze exponential backoff
Once off in trip upload
Support for HW revision 2
High G + Tip can be used simultaneously
GPS improvements
Modem SDK update
First Production Release

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