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Critical Parameters - Oyster Edge

The Oyster Edge is a highly configurable device. Many parameter options are available so that setup can be tailored to suit specific use cases, or enable features. 

For many use cases, the defaults are a great starting point, but there are a few parameters which users should pay attention to and configure in order to optimise the performance and battery life of the device.

1. Update your device Firmware

Be sure to update to the latest device firmware to take advantage of the latest improvements.

  1. Oyster Edge Release Notes
  2. Bulk Firmware Update : Digital Matter Support

2. Update Location Module Firmware

Steps 1 and 2 Video Instructions. (These video instructions are applicable for the Oyster Edge).

3. Early Cellular Registration Abort

See: Upload Timeouts - Network Registration Strategy [Oyster Edge]

Use Ultra Low Power if you are using local home sim. Eg. for Australia - Ultra Low Power can be used with Telstra SIM cards. Stick to Balanced mode when using roaming sims.

These video instructions are applicable for the Oyster Edge.

Set your Network Profile

For best results, you must also Set the Network Profile under admin parameters. This applies bandmasks so the device will only scan on a few, rather than all bands - which is most efficient.

4. GNSS Combo Scan

Edge Device GNSS 'Combo Scan' Automatically enabled. This is only for devices that are running the movement-based tracking (including the Oyster Edge defaults) - this will not work for devices that are running on periodic/non-movement-based tracking settings.

5. Adjust Lookup Settings

During the launch of the Yabby Edge (which launched before the Oyster Edge), it was found that the Wi-Fi Value lookups were less accurate than the Wi-Fi Premium Lookups (default). Over the last few years, our partners have reported that the value lookups have significantly improved (and continue to do so) and are on par with the Premium lookups in many cases. We suggest comparing two or more Oyster Edges operating simultaneously on either of these lookups - to do a side by side comparison to see what works best in your area.  Instructions provided here - Location Engine Lookup Settings and Forward Edge Device Data to my Endpoint (Cellular) 

For Partners using Telematics Guru, you can Set the Connector using the relevant server/region and Wi-Fi Lookup tier that you would like to utilize. 

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