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How long will my back-up battery last? - [G70]

The G70 has a 1100mAh internal back-up battery. This allows for external power removed alerts to be sent immediately if the unit is unplugged or dislodged, and tracking to continue for some time. 

When stationary, the device turns on the GPS periodically to get updated satellite information, speeding up subsequent fix acquisition. It will also heartbeat hourly by default. 

When on the move, the device is constantly connected to the network, and constantly acquiring GPS fixes (modem and GPS stay on) - to allow for detailed 'live-tracking'. 

On default settings (hourly heartbeat), approximate battery life is as follows:

  • 46 days if sitting stationary for the G70-4G, and 25 days for the G70-2G.
  • 17 hours in trip for the G70-4G, and 7 hours for the G70-2G.                                         

The stationary battery life can be extended marginally by increasing the device heartbeat interval. 

GPS Freshen Parameter

  • When stationary, by default, the device turns on the GPS every 2 hours to 'freshen' and update its satellite information. This speeds up subsequent GPS Fix acquisition. When the next trip is started, it will get a fix quickly
  • Setting this parameter to 0 disables the GPS freshen
    • This will increase battery life substantially
    • The device will take marginally longer to get a fix when a new trip begins
  • Alternatively, the freshen could be extended to 4hrs (the data gets stale after about this time)
  • Note the freshen only helps GPS performance if it succeeds anyway - i.e. if we are parked in a garage and can't see satellites, 'freshening' doesn't help us - as the device can't get the updated satellite data. 

In general, it is best to leave this parameter on default unless we have specific requirements.

Battery Life with 6hr heartbeat and Freshen Disabled

If we are in good cellular coverage (meaning uploads don't cost too much) - we can expect over 1 year!

Using the G70 with Intermittent External Power

The G70 is designed with the expectation that an 8-36V DC supply will be present at all times. The back-up battery is designed around allowing for tamper/external power removal alerts. 

However, some applications (such as wiring into trailers) result in power only being available intermittently. In general the G70 will cope with this, and operation will be unaffected, but it should be noted that LiPo rechargeable batteries degrade over time, and only withstand a finite amount of charge/discharge cycles before they can no longer hold charge. 

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