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Default Tracking Parameters - G70

Below is how the G70 operates with its default parameters

  • Stationary - Hourly Heartbeats 
    • The device will log a heartbeat record, connect to the server and refreshes its GPS data every 60 minutes.
  • Trip Tracking - Wired and Emulated ignition - The G70 will start a trip if either the 
    • Ignition wire is pulled high, i.e, over 2.2v is applied to the ignition wire, or
    • Movement is detected, ie, a trip is started if >150m of movement from the initial position
  • Logging - When the device is in trip, it will turn on it's GPS module and cellular modem and log records based on:
    • Time interval
      • log a record every 60 seconds or;
    • Distance interval
      • when 500m is travelled or;
    • Heading Change
      • when direction is changed by 60° over a short distance (<250m) or;
      • when direction is changed by 20° over a long distance (>250m)

The logging intervals are configurable from the logging parameters tab in OEM.

For more information, see G70- Overview of Operation

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