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Set Up A Panic/Duress Button - [Dart3]

A duress button is an example of a "Dry Contact" device. Dry contact is a synonym for 'no voltage'. Since to detect that the push button is closing, we aren't needing to provide any power. We are just detecting when there is a closed circuit, and when there is an open circuit. 

We set up with a Normally Open push button switch, one side connected to one of the 3 Digital Inputs and the other to ground.


To use either Digital Input 1, 2 or 3, you will need to use the corresponding wires. 

  • Digital Input 1 = PINK
  • Digital Input 2 = BLUE
  • Digital Input 3* = GREEN

*Digital Input 3 is shared with one of the Driver ID lines, so DI3 cannot be used at the same time as a DM RFID reader, or Wiegand Reader. 

In this configuration, when the button is OFF (switch open) it is

  • Not pressed
  • an open circuit, 
  • and there is no complete path from the input to ground. 

When the button is ON (switch closed) it

  • Is pressed
  • closes the loop.
  • Connects the input to a low signal (GND)


The configuration would be:

  • Bias resistor set to 'pull up'
    • When the button is not pressed (OFF) and nothing is connected to the input, the input is held high (so we consider this level 'off' (active level = low)
  • The Active Level is set to low
    • When the button is pressed (ON) the input is pulled to ground.
    • The digital input is considered on when the button is pushed.
  • We want immediate notification of duress button pushes, so we set Log on Active and Upload on Active to Yes.

Alerts in Third-Party Platforms

When the state of a digital input changes a record will be sent with Log Reason 9 - Digital Input Changed.

Then to determine which input has changed, Field ID = 2: Digital Data contains the state of all digital inputs.

Alerts in Telematics Guru

See the guide here - Panic/Duress Alert on Telematics Guru

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