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G70 Firmware Release Notes

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Ability to control buzzing independently from overspeed logging
Fix for immobilisation control
Added support for remote override for driver ID immobilisation
Added extra logging options for speeding.
Added support for modem firmware update to version 1.3.3

Fixed issue where deactivate immobiliser async message has an expiry time 
Added support for immobilizing now with an expiry time
Added support for scheduled immobilization
1.7 (Big Update!)
SDK and Modem Library Update
  • We can now reset the modem core separately from the application core to recover from modem faults. This allows for faster/better recovery when the modem freezes
  • Numerous fixes and improvements to networking sockets.


  • Allow updates to MFW 1.3.2 and support MFW 1.3.2 flash backup changes
  • Fixed issue where GPS freshen period was disabled by default
  • Fixed modem restart/recovery procedure after a SIM boot failure
Analogue Threshold Alerts
Ability to configure GPS Freshen Interval
Fixed issue where driver ID was not logged at trip start which affected TG driver trip assignment
Updated Nordic modem library and SDK
Concurrent Galileo Support
Harsh Event Duration Parameter

First Production Release

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