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Plug and Play Options for Wired Devices (Deutsch Plugs)

There could be situations where a reseller would want to swap wired devices quickly and neatly without redoing all the wiring. This document is appropriate for any powered Device including Dart2/3, G62/G70 and G120 + even the Falcon and Eagle.

One way of doing this is to use a Cigarette Lighter adapter - G120 - OBDII and Cigarette Lighter Harness options for temporary installs : Digital Matter Support However, most cigarette lighters in vehicles are visible and easily accessible - people can easily find and then disconnect the tracker if they don't want to be tracked.

Deutsch plugs are great when a hidden (under the dash) plug and play solution is required. They come in many variants and can be found easily online - Vehicle and Hardware/Electronic stores.  They are usually very inexpensive.

Here are some links where you can find them.

We recommend using connectors with at least 3 ports to accommodate GND, Power, Ignition or Digital Input lines. However 2 is enough for a very basic install - GND and Power.

Here's a G120 Harness with a Deutsch connector with a switch in line that acts as a duress button.

Here's a G120 Harness with a Deutsch connector + Driver ID Ready.

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