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Bolt2 Firmware Release Notes

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v1.21 (Big update!)
SDK and Modem Library Updates
  • We can now reset the modem core separately from the application core to recover from modem faults. This allows for faster/better recovery when the modem freezes
  • Numerous fixes and improvements to networking sockets.
  • Allow updates to MFW 1.3.2 and support MFW 1.3.2 flash backup changes 
  • Fixed issue where GPS freshen period was disabled by default
Ability to configure GPS Freshen Interval
Modem Library Update

Added concurrent Gallileo Support

Added support for modem firmware update to 1.3.1
Movement and run detect trips now end on UVLO
Movement trips now end on brownout or power on reset
UVLO now has 15 second grace period to send trip end, and disconnect from network
Added duration parameter to harsh driving
Server parameters are now unlocked
Fixed issue where device could exit under voltage lockout if the voltage recovered instead of waiting for external power to be applied
Modem bug fixes
First Production Release

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