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Setup Checklist to Capture Maintenance

Checklists can be used to capture required repairs/maintenance on equipment on an ad-hoc basis. This gives the added ability to capture the maintenance/damage at the place and time that the damage has happened and needs to be reported. To generate regular maintenance jobs at set intervals (i.e. every 10 000km or 5000 run hours) - we can use the Scheduled Maintenance Reminders module in TG.

For full detail on Checklists and configuration, see Checklists in Telematics Guru.

Below is an example of how a checklist can be created to report damage to assets. There are 2 elements to this:

  1. Checklists can be captured via the mobile app
  2. On the web interface, a list of submitted checklists appears in the list as 'unresolved' checklists. So once the repairs or maintenance are booked/completed, they can be resolved as a way to ensure nothing is missed. 

Example Setup:

You may choose add as many questions as you prefer, but ideally just a brief explanation of the damage/maintenance, and a few pictures (optional) is only required to report/log maintenance. 

Different answers can be given different 'severity' levels (Critical, Severe, Attention) and various users can be alerted if a checklist is completed with a certain severity.
Once you have created the checklist, you can start using this in your phone/tablet. Below is how a checklist can be completed in your device.

A completed checklist will appear in TG, and the answers to this can be viewed from Checklists->View Answers. Adjust the filters as necessary to view the answers for the checklist that you completed.
Unresolved checklists will appear separately to 'resolved' checklists so that actioned/unactioned jobs can be tracked.

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