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Yabby Wi-Fi FAQ

How long will the batteries last?
Up to 6 years with once daily updates. For a battery calculator, see Battery Life, Battery Capacity Estimate & Low Battery Flag
What are the default tracking settings?
Out of Trip - 12 Hour Updates
Then when movement is detected, a fix + upload
When movement ends, Fix + upload
There are no logs/updates during movement by default, it can be enabled.  
How accurate are the fixes?
In urban environments, within 30m accuracy is typical. 
Do I need a SIM card?
YES! The Yabby Wi-Fi does not connect to Wi-Fi networks to send data. It simply detects what networks are nearby, and then we can determine the device's position by sending this information to Google's Geolocation service. It doesn't need to connect to the network to see it is nearby - and we still need a SIM card! For more details on how the location is obtained, see WiFi Geolocation on DM Devices
What if I'm away from all Wi-Fi networks?
The device will fall back to the cell tower location. It will report the cell tower it is checking into to the server - which allows us to get a fix with accuracy of around 1km. This should be a rare event - but is still useful

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