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G62 - Analogue input serial range (Deprecated)

The initial run of G62s was originally produced with an Analogue Input. This is why a parameter exists for this function in OEM - to ensure backwards compatibility. 

  • All G62s with serials below 267555 (not inclusive) have an Analogue input
  • All serials 267555 and above do not have an analogue input

For devices with the input, the green wire is a shared switched ground/analogue input wire on the harness.

This fact is why it was originally removed - sharing the pin meant that even when the digital input is 'off' - there is a small amount of current leakage. Meaning if buzzers are connected they will make a faint noise even when off. 

Given that buzzers are used in more applications than the analogue input - the decision was made to cease producing the components for the analogue input. The board is otherwise unchanged - so for large orders, speak to us if you have a requirement. We can accommodate placing the components, subject to MOQ. 

The G120, Eagle and Falcon are alternative devices with Analogue inputs. 

If you have an older device and are experiencing faint buzzing when using a buzzer, simply wire a 1K ohm resistor in parallel with the buzzer. This allows any leakage current to pass through this resistor instead of sounding the buzzer. 

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