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Parameter Templates - Editing Templates

Introduction to Parameter Templates

A Parameter template is a grouping of settings that can be applied in bulk to devices of the same type. They are separated in to 2 categories, namely Admin and System parameters. Admin parameters being device connectivity settings and System parameters being device operational settings. To create and set Parameter templates please visit OEM Server - Getting Started

Editing Parameter Templates

Once created and applied you may need to alter the Parameter template to apply the required changes to a collection of devices.

To edit a Parameter template please follow below steps:

  1. Select a device that already has the Parameter template applied on it, edit the settings as required and save the settings.
  2. Use the new settings on the device to create a new Parameter template
  3. Apply this Parameter templates to the devices you want to effect the changes on
  4. Delete the old Parameter if it is obsolete.

As you may have noted we effectively do not edit templates but rather create a new template and apply it across all the required devices. Directly editing a template can cause confusion so they must be left immutable

  • If we change a template name/settings, we can become confused if multiple users have access to OEM
  • Should the changes be applied to all devices currently on the template, or not?

In both cases keeping templates fixed avoids any potential errors. 

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