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DC-DC Step Down Converters

Occasionally we want to install a device or peripheral in an asset - and the only available voltage source is higher than the maximum input voltage of our device. 

Input Voltage RangeDevices
5-16VEagle, Falcon
8-36VDart2, G62, G62 LoRa

We can use a DC-DC converter to drop the voltage down to a suitable level. All DC-DC converters will have an input voltage range, and then output a new dropped voltage - this is often configurable (usually via a screw) or fixed. 

For flexibility we can use a configurable model, if we know the input voltages we are dealing with (i.e 24V trucks) and always need the same output - a fixed converter may be simpler and cheaper. 

Some examples for reference - all should be tested by the reseller before installation. These are by no means the lowest cost available - Ebay is also a useful resource. 


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