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Unlocked vs Locked Devices

The final integration option as presented in the article on choosing integration strategy allows for devices to bypasses the OEM Server which allows the device to connect to a system other than OEM. Once a device is unlocked - it cannot be used with a connector to send data as per options 2 or 3 of the integration strategies. 

Devices that are configured to bypass OEM using the 3rd Party server settings under the Admin parameters, will ignore the 3rd party server setup unless the device has been “unlocked” / set to “config only”. 

The device is also required to have the 3rd party server setup on OEM under the Admin parameters, with the specific IP address and Port number of your 3rd party endpoint.

You will need to contact Digital Matter to get your devices unlocked. The Orange symbol under the details column of your device shows that the device has been unlocked and is able to send data to your 3rd party endpoint. 

The status of an unlocked device is shown as <config only> under the connector column. 


If the device is NOT unlocked, it will show with just the green locked icon under the details column. On the Connector status column, you should be able to see the name of the connector that points to your endpoint platform. This means that any third-party parameters set under the admin parameters of the device will be ignored. The green lock means that the device has connected on an encrypted port. Once this has happened the device can not to go back to the plain text port. 

If the connector status column is blank, this means that your device connector is set to “none” and the device is simply discarding the data. Please make sure to set the connector to avoid losing data. 

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