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Guppy Configuration Guide

The Guppy can be configured either using your own app, or a Bluetooth® scanning app available for Android or iPhone.

When using a freely available scanning app the process for changing the device parameters is as follows:

  1. Commence a BLE scan on the app
  2. Search for your Guppy. It will be named GPX, where X is the device serial number. For example, a Guppy with serial number 999999 would be GP999999. 
  3. Connect to the Guppy.
  4. Once connected, find the "Pin Entry" characteristic as per the attached configuration guide.
  5. Input your device pin to unlock the device.
  6. Once the device is unlocked you can now change any of the parameters as per the configuration guide.
  7. Disconnect from the device when you are done.

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