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Speeding On Device

Powered digital matter devices have a 'onboard speeding' parameter which allows a maximum speed Threshold (km/h) to be stored on the device. If the Threshold speed is set, the device will sound a buzzer output when the GPS speed exceeds the Threshold. The buzzer will remain active until the GPS speed drops by the Delta (km/h) value below the Threshold. 

 Speed Lookup & Monitoring on TG

For more information on DM devices and speed lookup and monitoring, see the article here


  • This has no effect on logging. Speed violation notifications should still be setup on the software platform. This is designed to control driver speed with buzzer feedback.
  • See notes here about Buzzing - Common Concepts - Buzzer/LED Setup
    • When parameters are set to buzz - such as buzzing on over speed and buzz on no driver ID - in firmware this tells the following outputs to buzz
      • The buzzer on the PCB for the G100 and G120
      • The internal buzzer in the RFID driver ID reader if connected
      • Any outputs set to 'buzz'
    • So if you are already using the RFID reader - there is no need to wire any additional buzzers!


Example: If the customer wants a buzzer to sound when 100 km/h is breach and to turn off when the speed drops 5km/h under this amount once breached. Your settings would be the following:
  • Threshold = 100km/h
  • Delta = 5km/h
  • Output 1 Function = Buzzer (if RFID reader isn't in use)

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