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Guppy Bluetooth® Range vs Battery Life

What is the maximum range of a Guppy Bluetooth? How long will it last on a set of batteries? These are both good questions, but are completely dependant on each other, as well as a host other factors. 

The environment has a large effect on the maximum range of a Guppy. Obstructions between the receiver and the Guppy, as well as the material of said obstructions can greatly diminish the range. Furthermore, an environment with many Bluetooth devices can drown out the weak signal from a far-away Guppy, thus diminishing the range in locations such as offices.

The best way to determine the range of the Guppy for a specific application is to test it in the field. However, the ranges for the Guppy in the ideal "line-of-sight" application have been measured for different Bluetooth technologies and transmit powers, and their associated battery lifetimes calculated.

Bluetooth ModuleBluetooth TechnologyTransmit PowerRange*Battery Life**
Bluetooth v4.2Standard +8dBm195m5 years with 2 second beaconing 
Bluetooth v5.0
Standard+8dBm195m5 years with 2 second beaconing
Bluetooth v5.0Long Range+8dBm
2.5 years with 5 second beaconing (1 year with 2 second beaconing)
Bluetooth v5 High Power***
Long Range+19dBm
490m1 year with 5 second beaconing (0.5 years with 2 second beaconing)

* The line-of-sight range

** Based on a set of two 1.5V 1200mAh AAA lithium iron disulphide batteries

***The Bluetooth v5 High Power version of the Guppy is not in production. It can be produced for MOQ. Given the battery life implications it may only be of use if a very long range is an absolute requirement.

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