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LoRaWAN® Devices - External Power

The SensorData LoRaWAN, SensorData Sigfox and SensorNode LoRaWAN devices can all be powered externally. 

WARNING: do NOT use these products with batteries AND external power. It is either batteries OR external power.

WARNING: maximum input voltage is 6V. Take care not to exceed this. 


  • 4-6V input voltage. 5V USB supplies will work.
  • Do not connect external power when batteries are inserted.
  • Peak current draw of 200mA for short periods (usually while transmitting).
  • Sleep current of 10uA in minimal configuration. It could be higher depending on the IO configuration.
  • Idle current is 5mA.
  • Idle current with the GPS on is 30-40mA.

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