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Tags in Telematics Guru

Adding Tags to Telematics Guru

To set up a tag in Telematics Guru, it is the same process as creating an asset. You can see the full guide here.

Accessing Tag Locations and Telemetry

There are now two places where you can view the location of Bluetooth tags. The Live map and the Tags section.

Tags on the Live Map

When you click on a gateway asset on the live map, there is an option to show 'nearby tags'. This link will list the tags that were scanned by this gateway.

Tags in the App

Tags can be viewed in the app. Simply head to the tag menu. Tags can be searched for in the list and viewed on the map. 

Tags in the Tags Menu

The Tags menu contains three sections. Tagged Asset Status, Tagged Asset Map and Tagged Asset Telemetry.

For this view to be visible the Organisation must have this functionality enabled. To check organisation functionality go to Admin -> Organisation -> Edit Organisation and ensure the Tags functionality is selected.

To access Tag information, there are three levels of Tag data displayed; Status, Map and Telemetry.


This lists all of your tags in the one place, their location and the time they were last scanned and the gateway.


This screen displays all of your tags on a map, with cluster view.


This screen lists all the previous scans and the status of each tag separately, and includes other statistics included in the tag's payload such as battery voltage, RSSI and Tx power.

How do I get a list of where my tags are? 

Tag Location Reports

If you want a easy to digest list of where your tagged assets were last reported, you can run the 'Asset Location' report. If you've set up an 'Asset Type' for all of your Bluetooth® tagged assets, you can filter the report to display only the tags, and no other devices.

Tag Asset Analog Reports

There is a tag report titled 'Tag Analogue Value Report' which can be run that provides analog values of the different BLE sensors. This would be useful if your BLE tags provide data such as temperature, humidity, or any other data within those specific fields.

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