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Bluetooth® - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tag payload structure for integration into my platform?

Contact DM for integration documents. An NDA may be required.

How long will the Tags last?

Guppy Bluetooth® - up to 5 years on 2 x AAA Lithium batteries

SensorNode Bluetooth® - up to 4 years on 3 x AA Lithium Batteries

How often do the tags transmit/advertise/beacon?

The Guppy Bluetooth® and SensorNode Bluetooth® transmit a beacon once per second. This does not imply that the hosts (Remora2, G120, G200) receive updates at this rate - this is dependent on how often they scan.

How many tags can the Remora2 pick up at once?

128 can be stored in the device's tag list at once. This was increased up to 512 in firmware version 2.5/3.5

What tags currently work with Digital Matter Bluetooth Gateways, i.e Remora2, on TG?

  • Digital Matter Tags (Guppy Bluetooth®, SensorNode Bluetooth®)
  • Bluetooth tags using the Apple iBeacon protocol
  • Bluetooth tags using the Eddystone protocol
  • Ingics iBS01 (Basic tag)
  • Ingics iBS01T (Temperature / Humidity)

Can I configure the 'sniffing range' of the Remora2?

The Remora2 can be configured so that only tags which are detected above a certain RSSI value are added to the list (considered in range). 

This is useful when using multiple tags/Remora2s to try and identify location with greater precision.

Look for the "minimum tag RSSI (dBm)" setting in the System Parameters on the OEM Server. This is threshold. The strongest signal is closer to 0dBm (commonly 10-20dBm) and the poorest signal is closer to -100dBm (commonly around -90dBm). You might enter a level of -50 for example. You can determine this level by looking at the tag telemetry reported by your host.

How often does the SensorNode Sample it's inputs?

Every 15 seconds.

This means that you should see the values update at least every 30s in practice

Digital input changes will be reported on the next beacon - so within a second of the change being detected.

Why do I not receive the "Tag Lost" reason in the tag list from the Remora2?

The Remora2 will only give the "tag lost" reason when the setting "Device is Stationary" is Yes (under BLE Tag Scanning) and the setting "Log Tag Lost" is also set to Yes.

What channels do the BLE gateways scan?

The BLE gateway devices (Remora2, Eagle, and G120) listen on all three channels below. It is not configurable. The device scans one for 3 seconds, then swaps to the next for 3s, then the next etc.. rotating for the entire scan period.

  • channel 37 (2402 MHz)
  • channel 38 (2426 MHz)
  • channel 39 (2480 MHz)

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