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Falcon Firmware Release Notes

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v2.22 / 3.22
Reduced the risk of the 4G modem entering an unrecoverable fault state
v2.21 / 3.21
Improved jostle-based tracking in Turn-by-Turn tracking mode
v2.20 / 3.20
SHT20 Sensor Integration

v2.19 / 3.19
Add jostle-tracking to Turn-by-Turn tracking mode
Fix for repeated "Modem turn off failed" issue
Added support for Falcon 4G variant
v2.18 / 3.18
Added power saving mode to Turn-by-Turn tracking mode (switch to periodic tracking on battery power)
v2.17 / 3.17
Added wired sensing mode

v2.16 / 3.16
Support for new Wi-Fi module firmware
v2.15 / 3.15 (Product 74.1/74.2 specific) 
Fix for repeated "Modem turn off failed" issue
*Does not include the other firmware changes from v2.13 / 3.13 and onwards*
v2.15 / 3.15
Fixed glitch on 3V3 output after Power On Reset
v2.14 / 3.14
Added  threshold to the existing analog thresholds
v2.13 / 3.13
Added scheduled uploads
v2.12 / 3.12
GPS aiding data fix
v2.11 / 3.11
Low battery voltage optimisations
Pulse counting analogues are now populated after a reset
v2.10 / 3.10
Power and general optimisations
Added async message for triggering geofence downloads
Tasks now wait until all measurements are complete before logging, instead of logging for every task action
Product 74.3 / 74.4 specific:
Added T9602 i2c temperature/humidity sensor support
v2.9 / 3.9
Fixed GPS signal strength detection in recovery mode
Added GPS satellite count and signal strength filter for higher position certainty
Geofence support for third party servers
Network PCO support
v2.8 / 3.8
Fixed an issue where battery consumption could be increased in Standard GPS / Periodic tracking modes when the GPS detector was enabled with poor GPS signal
Product 74.3 / 74.4 specific:
Added MLX90640 I2C thermal camera support
v2.7 / 3.7
Backup/fallback admin params support
MLX90614 I2C temperature sensor support
OEM server IP address whitelisting support
Improved pulse counting functionality
Product 74.3 / 74.4 specific:
Added GPS signal strength detection to standard GPS tracking mode
Geofences support
After hours support
v2.5 / 3.5
Fixed an issue where high frequency logging could occur in Recovery mode when the GPS detector was enabled with poor GPS signal
Improved Recovery mode function and reliability
Reduced maximum allowable time for a Wi-Fi scan
Reduce log severity of failed Wi-Fi scan to Warning level
Improved time management of Wi-Fi scanning
v2.4 / 3.4
Updated battery capacity estimates
Battery good status flag cleared below 20% estimated capacity
Add WNKxxxx I2C pressure sensor support
v2.3 / 3.3
Fixed support for APNs with authentication
New modem maintenance release for 3.x (6 MB download)
Fixed GPS signal strength detection in Periodic Tracking mode
Added MB7040 ultrasonic range sensor support (i2c)
Added TMP117 temperature sensor support (i2c)
Default to encrypted connection after clearing server through SMS
Fixed stats consistency across firmware updates
Added undervoltage lockout
Reverted default Telstra APN to blank
Enabled modem maintenance release update (6 MB download)
Network Profile support
SARA-R410M-02B 5.08 support
Improve device brownout detection
Ensure Wi-Fi records are logged in the case where cell tower scans are enabled but fails to acquire tower scan.
Tasks can be triggered by either GPS or Wi-Fi location fix.
Data records will always be logged with freshest type of location data (can be optionally controlled using Non-Trip Wi-Fi Lookups parameter).
Added inactivity timer feature.
Fixed issue where continuous heartbeats could occur while using Jostle Tracking.
Improved device power consumption when using Standard GPS Tracking with an Accelerometer No Move Limit of 0.
Parameter separation/renaming for clarity on use of the Turn-by-Turn GPS Tracking.
Added heartbeat functionality to Turn-by-Turn GPS Tracking.
Turn-by-Turn and Standard GPS Tracking modes use the Periodic Tracking module to manage heartbeats (supports failover functionality).
Improvements in logging logic for Tasks.
Fixed Active High configurations being ignored for Digital Inputs.
Switch Ground control available through TG immobilizer functionality.
First production firmware

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