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Remora 2 Firmware Release Notes

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Versions below require BLE version 2.4 and newer for new features. Supports all 2.X

Added support for battery low flag reset via stats reset async message 
Added support for stats reset via async message 
Added High-G multi-axis vibration monitoring
Fix for repeated "Modem turn off failed" issue
Added support for Remora2 4G variant
Improved reliability of SIM PIN functionality
Added Inactivity Timer action on timeout (log/fix/upload)
Added minutes option to Inactivity Timeout Settings
Added option to map SensorNode Digital Inputs
GPS aiding data fix
Added geofence download async message
Low battery voltage optimisations
Add analogue mapping support for DM ambient sensor on SensorNode BLE
Include cell tower logs in BLE tag list data record when using cell tower fallback and GPS fix attempt fails
Fixed issue with periodic ble scanning where the RSSI threshold was ignored once a tag was found
Added cell tower fallback support option for when GPS fix attempt fails
Added third party server version messaging support
Fixed issue where user integrated tag identifier were being cut short
Added GPS satellite count and signal strength filter for higher position certainty
Compatibility added for networks that don't support ePCO
Geofence support for third party servers
Now sets the GPS valid flag when using default GPS position in periodic mode
v2.11 / 3.11
Added OEM server IP address whitelisting
Extended bluetooth scan length maximum
Added option to use default GPS position in periodic mode
v2.10 / 3.10
Added tip range mirror support
Added admin parameter backup and fallback
Lowered power for z-axis tip detection
Tag lost logs are now optional in stationary mode
Added tip detection and scan on tip support
Added tip and z-axis revolution counting support

Versions below require BLE version 2.3 and newer for new features. Supports all 2.X

Extended maximum Bluetooth scan to 4 minutes
Full SensorNode analogue mapping support

Versions below require BLE version 2.2 and newer for new features. Supports all 2.X

Added iBeacon and Eddystone filters
Added Bluetooth active/passive scanning options
Added Bluetooth long range support
Bluetooth now behaves correctly in no comms geofences
Added method for integrating tags via system parameters
Fixed hall effect sensor default digital input mapping

Versions below require BLE version 2.0

Added Eddystone TLM tag type
Added MAC address filtering for Bluetooth tags
Added Bluetooth SensorNode tag logging
Added option to use MAC address as identifier for iBeacons and Eddystone tags
Bluetooth tag list extension and optimisations 

Versions below require BLE version 1.1 or 1.2

v2.4 / 3.4
Fixed support for APNs with authentication
New modem maintenance release for 3.x (6 MB download)
BLE firmware update improvements
Reliability fixes
Added under voltage lock-out (UVLO)
Default to encrypted oem server when clearing through sms

Versions below require BLE version 1.1

Reverted default Telstra APN to blank
Enabled modem maintenance release update (6 MB download)
Network Profile support
SARA-R410M-02B 5.08 support
SensorNode Bluetooth support added
Added inactivity timer feature
Fix iBeacon data format
Added ble tag scanning
Adding APN/RAT setting through SMS
- First release.

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