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Can I give OEM Server access to a customer?

Quick answer: Yes, but most of our Channel Partners do not.

In OEM Server, there are three tiers of groups; Distributors, Vendors and Clients.

  • Distributor: This is where the Device originated from, usually Digital Matter Branches - E.g. DMA (Australia), DME (South Africa), DMNA (North America)
  • Vendor: This is the first and most used tier, i.e. the Reseller/Channel Partner.
  • Client: Resellers can use client groups to easily identify one of their customers assets for convenience.

DMA (Vendor) -> Gary's Great GPS Gear (Reseller) -> Eddie's Electrical (End user/organisation in TG)
A user account can be created (only by Digital Matter - contact support to arrange), at any of these 3 levels, and they will see only the assets belonging to the tier.
A user under DMA -> Gary's Great GPS Gear (Reseller)

Can see all of the assets in this group (generally all of the reseller's units)
A user under DMA -> Gary's Great GPS Gear -> Eddie's Electrical

Will see any devices in this particular Client Group

Creating Client Group
To create a new group for a customer, first open and select the devices that you want to assign to the new Client then select 'Device Operations' and 'Set Device Groups'. Here you can add a new Client organisation. To have yourself as the contact person, leave the box checked.

Then any devices that belong to the end user/client can be added to this group.

To give access to a new user, you'll need to contact the support team for your area. First consider the following points before deciding if you should provide access to your customer.

  • Customer's knowledge and experience with asset tracking platforms
  • Battery life where applicable and performance of Assets are highly reliant on the settings applied in OEM Server. Incorrect or poorly chosen settings can drain batteries quickly.
  • It is possible to brick or damage devices and prevent them from connecting to the network by incorrect setting of Admin parameters - resulting in having to retrieve and return devices to base.
  • Often adjusting settings and managing devices may be part of the service resellers offer to their users.

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