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Telematics Guru - Alert Token Definitions

Message Tokens are keywords that can be added to messages and are replaced by the appropriate, relevant text when the actual message is sent. For example: Adding the token {Event.Latitude} will result in the message containing the latitude of where the event occurred.

The tokens are not always available in every instance. The message sending service will attempt to replace the tokens as best it can, but all data is not always available. For example trip tokens for an alert that happens outside of a trip can not be replaced.

Token NameExample of Output/Notes
Asset: Name All The 'Asset' Tokens can be activated and changed by editing the Asset details in Telematics Guru >> Manage Assets >> Edit Asset >> General & Info tabs
Asset: Description
Asset: ICCID
Asset: Code
Asset: Device Serial
Asset: In Trip Verb
Asset: Out of Trip Verb
Asset: Asset Type
Asset: Device Type
Asset: ProjectYou can assign Projects in Telematics Guru >> Assets >> Manage Assets >> Assign Asset to Project. to Create Project
Asset: Project Code
Asset: Registration Number
Asset: Year
Asset: Engine Capacity
Asset: Engine Number
Asset: VIN
Asset: Chassis Number
Asset: Weight
Asset: Colour
Asset: Manufacturer
Asset: Model
Asset: Department
Asset: Department Code
Asset: Custom 1These Custom fields are configurable in Telematics Guru >> Admin >> Organisation >> Edit
Asset: Custom 2

Asset: Custom 3

General Tokens

General: Is StartYes/No
General: Current Date/Current Date UTC13/05/18
General: Current Time/Current Time UTC13/05/18 
General: Current Date & Time/Current Date & Time UTC13/05/18 
General: Duration (minutes)3
General: Duration (seconds)180
General: Analog Summary (visible on map)Whether the Analogs/Digital I/Os are visible on the Map is configurable in Manage Assets >> Edit Asset >> IO Mapping
General: Analog Summary (All)Battery Voltage: 3.4 V, External Voltage: 12.3 V
General: Digital Summary (visible on Map)Ignition: On, Door: Open
General: Digital Summary (All)Ignition: On, Door: Open, Idle Monitoring: Idle Active

Event Tokens
To Enable an event, first create the event in TG >> Admin >> Events and assign to your asset in I/O Mapping tab of Edit Asset
Event: Google Maps Link
Event: Bing Maps Link
Event: Google Maps Image Link
Event: NameDuring Office Hours Trip
Event: Altitude (feet)114
Event: Date/ Event: Date (UTC) 01/12/2019
Event: Time/ Event: Time (UTC) 03:30
Event: Date & Time/ Event: Date & Time (UTC) 01/12/2019 12:40
Event: Date Received/ Event: Date Received (UTC) 01/12/2019 
Event: Time Received/ Event: Time Received (UTC) 01/12/2019 12:40
Event: Date & Time Received/ Event: Date & Time Received (UTC) 01/12/2019 12:40
Event: GPS FixYes/No
Event: GeofenceHead Office
Event: Geofence Comment123 Main Street, City
Event: Heading (degrees)120
Event: Lattitude34.12564
Event: Longitude114.6589
Event: PDOP10
Event: Position Accuracy (metres)20
Event: Speed Accuracy (km/h)3
Event: Speed Kmh62
Event: Speed Mph45

Trip Tokens

Trip: ProjectProject Name & Codes are editable in Telematics Guru >> Admin >> Projects
Trip: Project Code
Trip: Trip TypeTrip types are configurable in Telematics Guru >> History >> Manage Trips >> Set Trip Type
Trip: Trip Type Code
Trip: DriverDrivers and DriverIDs are configurable in Telematics Guru >> Admin >> Drivers
Trip: Driver Code
Trip: Distance67kms
Trip: Distance (miles)110 miles
Trip: Duration32 minutes
Trip: Duration (seconds)1390 seconds
Trip: Start Date/Trip: Start Date (UTC) 01/12/2019 
Trip: Start Time/Trip: Start Time (utc) 12:40
Trip: Start Date & Time/Trip: Start Date & Time (UTC) 01/12/2019 12:40
Trip: Start Location 12 Main Street, Perth, Western Australia. (If inside Geofence, then Geofence will be named if Checkbox ticked in Admin >> Geofences)
Trip: Start Location CommentHead Office. Location Comment also configurable in Geofence settings
Trip: Start Latitude34.12564
Trip: Start Longitude114.6589
Trip: Start Odometer56kms. Odometer settings are configurable in Telematics Guru >> Odo/Hours
Trip: Start Odometer (miles)23 miles
Trip: Start Run Hours13 hours. Run hours are configurable in Telematics Guru >> Odo/Hours
Trip: Start Run Hours (decimal)321.6
Trip: Start Run Hours (seconds)5410
Trip: Start Run Hours (time span) 2.15:01:07 
Trip: End Date/Trip: End Date (UTC) 01/12/2019 
Trip: End Time/Trip: End Time (UTC) 12:40
Trip: End Date & Time/Trip : End Date & Time (UTC) 01/12/2019 12:40
Trip: End Location12 Main Street, Perth 
Trip: End Location CommentHead Office
Trip: End Latitude
Trip: End Longitude
Trip: End Odometer
Trip: End Odometer (miles)
Trip: End Run Hours
Trip: End Run Hours (decimal)
Trip: End Run Hours (seconds)
Trip: End Run Hours (time span)

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