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PPM Calculator

This Calculator applies to the TG - Pay Per Message (PPM) plan for 'low use' assets that do not send many records.

Note: a 'Message' corresponds to each individual record, or a line of Telemetry in Telematics Guru (Assets -> Telemetry).

Some devices may log GPS points while moving, and upload in batches (e.g. the Oyster2). Note it is the number of logs, not uploads, that determines the message count.

Whilst there are no fees for going over a message cap, devices must be configured in OEM server to limit the number of messages they send to TG. A device sending many messages will attract a large fee (test this in the calculator to see)

 Setting Device Parameters

Click here to see how to edit device parameters


Using the Calculator:

Fields are self explanatory. 

For the Monthly Device Fee and cost per 1000 messages, enter the value shown on the Latest DM price list. Contact your DM representative for a price list. 

Calculating Costs for Wi-Fi Lookups

This calculator can also be used to calculate the cost of Wi-Fi Messages if required, simply input the cost for 1000 Wi-Fi Lookups in the Cost Per 1000 Messages Field
If you have a Wi-Fi device on PPM, add the Cost Per 1000 Messages and Cost Per 1000 Lookups from the price list together, and enter the result in the Cost Per 1000 Messages field in the calculator. 

NB - This calculator is only meant as a guide.

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