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Common Concepts - Idle Monitoring

Driver Behaviour is an important safety and cost saving measure. Driver behaviour alerts and reports help with Safety and Compliance, and enable you to get the most from your staff and assets.

By using Accelerometer, GPS and smart algorithms, we can produce alerts and reports on driver's behaviour such as idling or parked time while inside work hours.


Idle Flag on Device

The Bolt*, G62, Dart2, and G120 all have the ability to set a digital input when idling is detected on the device. Then the server can simply look for when this input is active to log idle time - great for 3rd party platforms.
*The Bolt does not have a hard-wired ignition input so there are some caveats to idle detection - see Idle Monitoring on the Bolt below. 

System Parameters 

To enable idle monitoring, we assign a Digital Input in the dropdown. This input becomes active when the Idle Time Threshold and Idle Time Threshold conditions are met. 

E.g. for 300 and 5 as above, if the device is in trip (i.e. ignition on), and the speed is below 5km/h for over 5 min (300 sec) - The configured digital input will be set active '1'. This doesn't force an upload - but will appear as a Digital Input Changed log (log reason 9) at the time idling becomes active for accurate idle time. The device will upload while in trip regularly anyway - so idling will be reported to the server quickly.


Ensure the input you choose isn't already in use on the device - typically using inputs 0-7 might conflict with default inputs on some devices.

Heavy Equipment Idling

Sometimes we wish to detect idling on heavy equipment such as excavators - so we know if the ignition has been left running inadvertently. The trouble is, often such equipment will be at work, in use in a stationary position. So the above idle set up will flag idling all day, while the asset is being used!

On the G120 (firmware 2.9/3.9 and above), and G62 (firmware 2.7/3.7 and above) - if accelerometer activity is detected - the idle input will not be set. 

For the above settings, input 9 would only become active if the GPS speed is below 5km/h AND no accelerometer activity has been detected for over 5 minutes. If the speed is low but some accelerometer activity is seen, idling is not set.

Idle Monitoring on the Bolt

In order for the Bolt to be able to effectively monitor idling Run Detect must be set up on the device. This is due to how the Bolt uses Emulated movement to track whether the device is 'In Trip' or not.

On a device like the Dart or G62, the device will be 'in trip when the ignition line is active. Thus if the device is stationary according to the GPS, but the ignition is active, we know it is idling (sitting still with engine running)

However the Bolt will end a trip if it stops moving, since there is no ignition line, even if the vehicle is idling with the engine on - after 240 seconds (4 minutes) by default.

We can use Run Detect to put the device in trip based on the voltage read by the Bolt. Then if the engine is running - and the read external voltage is higher than when not running (due to the alternator being on), the device will be in trip. This will allow the device to still be stationary, but still in trip. It will not end the trip after 240s of no GPS movement. 

To configure Run Detect, please read the article on the knowledge base here

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Idle Monitoring in Telematics Guru 

Telematics Guru has an inbuilt idle monitoring tab inside 'Asset Details> Log Events' which declares an asset as 'Idle' after X amounts of minutes below a certain speed and logs it accordingly. This is the same as how the idling parameter works - but it is done on the server rather than the device.

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Idle Reports in TG

Idling instances will be reported on in the Excessive Idling - Summary and Excessive Idling - Detail reports.

You can also customise the 'Trip list' report to display data such as 'average' idle time

Idle Alerts in TG

When idle monitoring is active and the threshold is met, the device will log a ‘digital input changed’ log reason – since wired devices are connected to the server constantly during a trip, it will connect and upload to TG.

You are able to create an alert based on the digital input chosen for idle monitoring. 

  1. Go to Alerts->New Alert (Advanced)
  2. Setup the alert as required: general, asset, notifications, advanced.
  3. In the conditions tab, specify “Use Digital Input”:
    1. Choose the digital input you have set in the idle monitoring tab within OEM. 
    2. Choose alert when I/O is Active

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