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Telematics Guru FAQs

How do I set up a new customer?
Each new entity/customer should be set up as a new organisation. Each organisation is it's own collection of users, assets, geofences etc. So set up each new client as an organisation to keep them grouped separately to your other clients.
See Getting Started - Telematics Guru
Can I give users access to only some select assets
Yes - completely separate users/entities should be set up as organisations, but even within an organistion, we can set which assets a user should have access to on the user account. See Getting Started - Inviting Users
How do I apply/change my own logo and branding?
We have an extensive list of white label options, see here Telematics Guru White Labelling 
I don't have a menu option/button that a support article talks about, what is going on?
Telematics Guru is very customisable so that our partners can selectively enable/disable different features on an Organisation and User level. You may simply not have a permission enabled. Check first on the organisation and if you can't find it contact our support team to have it enabled. 
How do I set up push notifications in the mobile app?
I can't log in to the app
Check you have selected the correct region from the dropdown. 
What are the fees? How do I on bill my customers?
Contact your local branch for a price list, and see TG - Asset Billing, Admin and Billing Reports
Where are your servers hosted?
TG is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud based servers. These are hosted in data centres close to the region they serve. See here TG Region Specific Details
Does TG do Geofences and Geofence Alerts?
Yes this is one of the key features. See How To Guide: Geo-fences
Why is the address of my asset not updating?
See Telematics Guru - Asset Addresses for troubleshooting. Usually, the asset just needs to make a trip and it will correct itself. 

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