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Oyster2 Firmware Release Notes

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v2.23 / 3.23
Added support for stats reset via async message
v2.22 / 3.22
Trip Trimming Support
v2.21 / 3.21
Fix for repeated "Modem turn off failed" issue
v2.20 / 3.20
Added support for Oyster2 4G variant
v2.19 / 3.19
Device statistics fix
v2.18 / 3.18
Added once-off in-trip upload
Added auto-recovery (enter recovery mode if in trip after hours)
Added Inactivity Timer action on timeout (log/fix/upload)
Added minutes option to Inactivity Timeout Settings
v2.17 / 3.17
Added cell tower fallback
v2.16 / 3.16
Added support for Oyster 2 3G
v2.15 / 3.15
GPS assistance data fix
v2.14 / 3.14
Added geofence download async message
Low battery improvements
v2.13 / 3.13
Added third party server version messaging support
v2.12 / 3.12
Added tip detection and action on tip support
Added tip and z-axis revolution counting support
Added tip range mirror support
Added GPS satellite count and signal strength filter for higher position certainty
Made the Wake Filter for Jostle Based Trips and Recovery Mode configurable
Added new GPS and upload timeout options for Recovery Mode
Compatibility hotfix for networks that don't support ePCO
Geofence support for third party servers
v2.10 / 3.10
Added scheduled uploads
v2.9 / 3.9
Added after hours movement trip flag
v2.8 / 3.8
Added server whitelist
Added Verizon support
v2.7 / 3.7
Added backup/fallback admin parameters
v2.6 / 3.6
Option to set TTL plug's Rx pin high in recovery mode
v2.5 / 3.5
Fixed bug that would cause excessive logging when in recovery mode, in a trip and with no GPS signal 
v2.4 / 3.4
Fixed support for APNs with authentication
New modem maintenance release for 3.x (6 MB download)
Added under voltage lockout
Fixed stats consistency across firmware updates
Reverted default Telstra APN to blank
Add GPS detector to prevent wasted GPS time
Enabled modem maintenance release update (6 MB download)
Added full CS/PS and EDRX support to network profiles
Network Profile support
SARA-R410M-02B 5.08 support
Prevent inactivity from starting as expired
Added inactivity timer feature
Support for incremental modem firmware downloads
Prevent incorrect hello responses from causing geofence downloads
Added modem firmware update revision 3, for units deployed for 8-12 months
Added modem firmware update revision 2, for units deployed for 4-8 months
Increased modem firmware download timeout, and limited to one install attempt per boot
Set Telstra 4G sims to Cat-M1 only
4G modem firmware updated to SARA-R410M-02B L0. A.02.01
Added temporary workaround for Ublox 4G modem issue. Permanent solution in progress.
Fixed stats upload when using third party servers
Added AutoAPN for 4G problem networks
Added visual feedback for when APNs have been read from a sim card
Now uploads admin parameters if they were changed by the sim card or an SMS
Added 4GINIT SMS and capability to read that SMS from sim storage.
Fixed issue where device did not read new geofence list after downloading.
First Production Firmware

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