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Dart2 Firmware Release Notes

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v2.16 / 3.16
Improved run hour incrementation
v2.15 / 3.15
Added option for driver ID to temporarily override server initiated immobilisation
Invalid driver debugEvent level set to Severe
v2.14 / 3.14
Fix for repeated "Modem turn off failed" issue
Added support for Dart2 4G variant
v2.13 / 3.13
Fixed issue where device incorrectly logged new movement from jostles
v2.12 / 3.12
Added cell tower fallback support when jamming is detected
v2.11 / 3.11
Added support for POSITION SMS command (2G variant only)
v2.10 / 3.10
Added support for Dart 2 3G variant
v2.9 / 3.9
Added the option to disable the supression of GPS wander for heartbeats
The GPS fix timestamp is now updated for heartbeats
Odometer optimisations
v2.8 / 3.8
Aiding data HTTP fix
v2.7 / 3.7
Added iButton polling
Added geofence download async message
Reduced minumum heartbeat period to 1 minute
v2.6 / 3.6
Fixed critical bug in 2.5
v2.5 / 3.5
Added third party server version messaging support
Added GPS satellite count and signal strength filter for higher position certainty
Compatibility for networks that don't support ePCO
Geofence support for third party servers
Added oem server whitelisting
v2.4 / 3.4
Added backup/fallback admin parameters
v2.3 / 3.3
Added Driver Fatigue functionality
Extended on board Odometer function to enable ODO to be sent with every log.
v2.2 / 3.2
Fixed support for APNs with authentication
New modem maintenance release for 3.x (6 MB download)
Reverted default Telstra APN to blank
Enabled modem maintenance release update (6 MB download)
Network Profile support
SARA-R410M-02B 5.08 support
Prevent inactivity from starting as expired
Added inactivity timeout feature
Support for incremental modem firmware downloads
Fixed speeding buzzing 
Prevent incorrect hello responses from forcing geofence downloads
Added modem firmware update revision 3, for units deployed for 8-12 months
Added modem firmware update revision 2, for units deployed for 4-8 months
4G modem firmware updated to SARA-R410M-02B L0. A.02.01
Telstra defaults to Cat-M1
Added temporary workaround for Ublox 4G modem issue. Permanent solution in progress.
Added geofence downloads
Added odometer and run hour meters
Fixed Driver ID bug
Added Driver ID reporting
FW Version 1

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