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Oyster LoRaWAN® Battery Recommendations

The Oyster LoRaWAN device will run on 1.5V AA batteries. The maximum input voltage is 5.5V. The battery holder places the batteries in series, so the cell voltages add.

This implies:

  • LTC 3.7V batteries cannot be used. This will result in a total voltage that will damage the product.
  • 1.5V AA Lithium Iron Disulphide batteries are recommended. An example is Energizer Ultimate AA. These have a wide temperate range and good reliability.
  • 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries will also work. The device will operate down to around 3.0V, which is 1.0V per cell, and flat. Alkaline batteries are less reliable and have a narrower temperature range.
    • This is different to the Oyster Cellular - that device has a minimum voltage of 3.8V to run the modem. Alkaline batteries are NOT recommended in that product.

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