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Connecting an iButton Reader to a DM Device

The Digital Matter iButton Reader has the following wire colours:

Wire ColorFunction
RediButton Signal Line
GreenGreen LED
(with 1000 ohm resistor)
BrownRed LED
(with 1000 ohm resistor)
YellowLED Negative

G62 Dart2/G120

For a simple implementation where you just need the iButton to read a tag, but don't need LED activity, connect the following wires:

G62 Harness Wire
iButton Wire
Brown (iButton input)Red
Connect to G62 or vehicle GNDGND

To control the LED, the Switched GND output of the G62 can be used to provide a GND to the LED negative (yellow) on the iButton, connect the following wires

G62 Harness/Vehicle
iButton Wire
Brown (iButton input on G62)Red (signal line)
Ground on Vehicle or G62Black (Ground)
Positive on vehicleGreen or Brown
Green on G62
(Switched GND output)

Depending on parameter setup, when the switched ground is on (provides GND) the LED will turn on.


The G62 is configured by default to detect any data coming over the brown iButton line. So special setup is generally not required. For some specific readers (not the DM reader) - you may need to configure this parameter:

Other parameters around Driver ID and only allowing registered drivers to start the vehicle are covered here - Driver ID & Immobilisation methods with Powered Devices

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