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Reseller's Guide to Getting Setup on OEM with MyAdmin

This article describes what a Geotab Reseller needs to do to get up and running with DM devices on the MyGeotab platform.
Before you start:

Ensure you have made contact with your local DM sales person. You should have discussed costs, delivery times, battery life, and other operational aspects. 

Digital Matter OEM/Device Manager provisions devices via the MyAdmin API. Please register a MyAdmin account for this purpose, and email to request the addition of the following roles: Device_Admin, Third-Party-Integrator (see steps below).

Step 1: New user on MyAdmin

You need to create a new MyAdmin user, so that DM can send data into MyGeotab for the correct account. Here's how you do that.

  1. You will need an email address that can receive email. Something like, where "" is your business domain. Or if you can't do a new address on your domain, use Gmail to register something like (We recommend not using your own email address, because you will need to send us the username and password. We would prefer not to know your main MyAdmin username and password for security reasons.)
  2. Once you have an email address to use, go to this link:
  3. Fill in the details -
  4. After submitting, you should see this:
  5. Now you will need to wait for an email to the email address you provided. When you receive it, click "Confirm Email Address"
  6. After clicking the link, you should see this:

Step 2: Getting your new user setup for 3rd party devices

Now we need Geotab to give your user permission for operating 3rd party devices.

You will need to send an email to You can use this template, make sure to fill in your Company Name and Email Address in the << >> tags:

Dear MyAdmin API managers,
I wish to get setup to use Digital Matter devices with MyGeotab. I have registered a new user in MyAdmin. I have confirmed the email address is valid by clicking the link in the email I received. Now I need you to give my user permission for Device_Admin, as well as the Role of Third Party Integrator.
My details are:
- Company name: << Tracking Company >>
- Username registered: << >>
Please could you action this and let me know when it is complete.
<< Tracking Company >>

Step 3: Notify Digital Matter that your MyAdmin account has been created

Digital Matter Support will need to do some work in the back end to create your Geotab connecter. Please email your local support team.

  • If you are in the North or South America region please send an email to
  • If you are in the APAC region please send an email to
  • If you are in the EMEA region please send an email to 

Use this template:

Dear Digital Matter,
MyGeotab have confirmed that my account is setup for MyAdmin API access. Please could you setup a connector for me.
My details are:
- Company Name: << Tracking Company >>

Step 4: Complete

All done! You can now provision the devices on OEM server - Provision a MyGeotab Device on OEM Server : Digital Matter Support - as well as set the new connector once created -  Set The Connector 

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