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LoRaWAN® Frequency Plans And Class

The Digital Matter devices currently support the following LoRaWAN™ frequency plans. The Regional Parameter Specification version number from the LoRa Alliance is given in brackets.

  • Europe 868 MHz (1.0.2B/3A + 1.1B)
  • India 865 MHz (1.0.2B/3A + 1.1B)
  • Russia 864 MHz (1.0.3A + 1.1B)
  • US 915 MHz (1.0.2B/3A + 1.1B)
  • AS 923 MHz, Asia (1.0.2B + 1.1B) / (1.0.3A + 1.1B)
  • AU 915 MHz, Australia, New Zealand (1.0.2B) / (1.0.3A + 1.1B)
  • Korea 920 MHz (1.0.2B/3A + 1.1B)

All Digital Matter LoRaWAN devices are Class A. 

Classes B and C are not currently supported.

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