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Oyster Sigfox Firmware Release Notes


- Upgraded to new config tool


- Added Extended GPS Data uplink (3), which includes position accuracy


- Fixed bug that could in rare circumstances cause missed trips until the next heartbeat

- Fixed enforcement of 20s minimum hop time in US region

- Fixed a hardware errata that caused occasional reboots on a very small number of devices

- Improved uplink budgeting behaviour in rare corner case


- Fixed brownout from turn-on transient in hardware revision 3


- Fixed power drain and flash longevity issue triggered by activity after uplink budget expiry


- Downlink support

- After hours and uplink budgeting support

- Wisol support

- Stats message support

- Trip logging, exposed over DMSerial slot

- Proper duty cycle limitation at 868 MHz

- Undervoltage lockout

- Low current battery voltage sampling, with 36 hour hold

- Config cable prevents tx to avoid brownout

- Will not transmit until it gets a first GPS fix, so as to respect uplink budget


- LED on wakeup fix


- Initial release


- Development version

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