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Alerts - Set up an Alert with the Wizard

Telematics Guru (TG) caters for Alerts to be setup on a wide range of different criteria, or "conditions". An Alert Condition is a statement about device information that results in the Alert either being "Active" or not.
For example: "External Voltage < 9V" will be active if the external device power is disconnected and the voltage drops below 9 volts. When the external voltage is restored and the voltage rises above 9 volts then this Alert Condition is no longer true and the Alert State is no longer Active.

Alerts can be used to send emails or SMS (there is a cost per SMS) to users. 

Alerts can be set up using either the wizard, or advanced setup. The new alert wizard has pre-configured alerts which will cover the majority of use cases. Advanced setup allows for specific alert setup. 

Using the Alerts Wizard

  1.  Go to Admin -> Alerts 
  2. Select New Alert Wizard
  3. Select the type of alert from the available options

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